In order to promote the cohesion of the members of the association, the association issues the Schilling Courier for the information about changes in the family status, of events which concern the family and ist history as well as about the financial situation of the association. This platform should further enhance information and communication possibilities for the members of the association.

The issues 2002 to 2021 are now available in English language. From 2003 on, the courier will be available in pdf (portable document format) and MS WORD file format only. Because of incopatibility with different WORD versions, the Courier will be only available as PDF file from 2005 on.

Family news which are available in the printed version of the courier, are not appended in the online versions due to data privacy regulations in Germany. However these data can be viewed in the protected site by member login.

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Additional material to the Schilling-Courier 2011

The family is grateful to our cousin Peter Girard from Australia: He translated the interesting book “Seeoffizier des Zaren”, written by Nikolai Baron Schilling, into English. In 1971, Erich Baron Schilling had translated it from Russian into German. You can download the text (Nikolai_von_Schilling-Memoirs_of_an_Ancient_Mariner_ v1.0) and background information (Setting_the_Scene-Memoirs_of_an_Ancient_ Mariner_v1.0) below.

Nikolai_von_Schilling-Memoirs_of_an_Ancient_Mariner_ v1.0

Setting_the_Scene-Memoirs_of_an_Ancient_ Mariner_v1.0


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