The Martinides

Martin I (born around 1555), one of Jakob’s brothers, was the ancestor of the Martinides. He served as a pastor in Mulda (Bohemia), in the course of the Counter-Reformation however, he had to flee to his relatives in Pegau near Leipzig.

His son Georg III had nine children. In 1636 his sixth child, Christian (around 1620 to 1680), joined the Swedish military and was ennobled.

His son Johann Georg von Schilling (born 1664) served as a pastor in Pernau (Estonia). In 1710 he fled to Hamburg, because with their victory over the Swedes in the Second Northern War the Russians occupied the country, which had been ruled by the Swedes before. His wife Christine, née Stöcker, was the daughter of a pastor of Pernau.

Their son Johann I (1708 to 1764) entered the service of Denmark and Holstein. In the diplomatic entourage of Prince Ulrich von Holstein he came to Petersburg, where he was knighted by the Russian Tsar.

Like his grandfather before, his son Jakob Freiherr von Schilling (1733 to 1826) went to the Baltic countries where he lived at the Kallikül Manor near Pernau. His elder brother Johann (1732 to 1826) married Charlotte Freiin Schilling von Canstatt taking the name Freiherr Schilling von Canstatt. It is unknown what happened to the descendants of the Kallikül line.

Martin II (1578 to 1620), another of Martin I’s sons, owned a mine in Zella (now Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia). He finally went to Suhl where he worked in a hammer mill. His descendants are still living in the area of Suhl.

Johann Gottfried, son of Georg’s ninth child Kilian IV (died 1674 in Freiberg), moved to Adelsheim in northern Baden-Württemberg, serving as a “Vogt” (reeve). He is the ancestor of the Adelsheim line, which is still prospering.